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LG has no presence in the gaming monitor space, and needs to gain the trust of audiences. That will be a challenge, because gamers have a reputation of being very smart, extremely self-aware, and can easily detect when a brand is being inauthentic.


To set itself up for success, LG linked up with renowned gaming team, FaZe Clan. Teaming with a group that has such a strong social media presence gave LG a platform to showcase what their 21:9 UltraWide monitor can do.


With a monitor built for speed, LG needed a game to match. That’s when veteran video game designer and influencer, Cliff Bliszinksky delivered. Cliff’s company, Boss Key productions was ready to release a new FPS, LawBreakers. Not only was its gameplay fast, but it was designed to be played on 21:9.
Having everything in place kicked off an action-packed summer, filled with an onslaught of content from various influencers, across multiple platforms. To help drive the narrative, six episodic videos were released throughout the entirety of the campaigns.
A blitz of creative was released in between episodes to keep the target audience aware of the 21:9 UltraWide monitor. Due to the wave of social media content from LG, gaming monitor conversation that year spiked by 1,000%


Overall the response to the 21:9 UltraWide monitor campaign was positive. That can simply be attributed to the genuine content. LG gave gamers something that felt familiar, and in return, gamers gave LG their attention.

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