Multiple award-winning campaign
2019 Summit Award winner   |   2019 Hermes Creative Award - Platinum Winner   |   2019 MarCom Awards- Platinum Winner   |   2019 W3 Award - Silver
LG makes matte black kitchen appliances. But so do the other guys. We needed to differentiate LG’s product from the matte black lines marketed by competitors.
LG’s competitors were positioning matte black as just another finish. That left an opportunity to market LG’s line with emotion and attitude, targeting those looking to try something new, different and edgy.
We gave the product line an attitude and voice that reflected the authentic mindset of our target, from a minimalist design aesthetic to bold copy brought to life through a variety of social and digital tactics.
The campaign led to record engagement—100 million impressions, a weighted engagement rate of 3.84% — 49% above benchmark, and a 25% lift in sales. LG’s matte black success makes it crystal clear: if you want to make a splash in a crowded market, it takes some emotion to stand out.